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dip (JAPAN) DESIGNER:田口成彦 Dip pursues its philosophy of "Detail in Perfection" to innovate andexperiment with its creative possibilities.
Dip arranges each garment to the updated fashion trends along with its acknowledgement of vintage, material and pattern. Dip believes that ones individuality, under the concept of theconsumer (end-user) will bring the full potential of its Details in Perfection (dip). We assure you that you will find your perfect fit andselected material chosen by our designer, who has created the history of trends for a variety of brands.
Dip continues the inspiration in ones individuality to create new trends, thus strongly supports your individuality of style and creation.

- dip ltd -
6-6-67 Higashikaigan Minami Chigasaki-shi Kanagawa Japan
Tel / Fax 0467-55-9873


E-mail info@dip-lab.co.jp


Personal Career :

  • Shigehiko Taguchi is a freelance designer who has contracts with many international brands
    Jeans designer for the Japanese market
    Participated in the setting up of the HOMME (MEN'S) line and head of all COMME DES GARCONS HOMME patterns, which were used until the mid 80s due to steady popularity.
  • Dezerrt, Inc. founded 1980 - 2000
    CEO and designer
    Exporting to Jerry Magnin in the mid 80s
  • Awarded the "Best Desing Award" in 1990 after an exhibition, after which contracts with Italy, France, United Kingdon and the United States (LORENZO) were ma
  • Beams (JAPAN) 2000 - 2006
    PR advisor and supervising buyer to the company
  • dip founded 2000 -
  • Habitual (USA) 2006
  • men's wear design contracts with Gerard Darel (Paris) 2006
  • Kamakura(Zaimokuza)Office Establishment 2006
  • design contracts with Patrick 2009
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